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Who Is Business AdvantEdge?

Business AdvantEdge consolidates purchases from more than half a million individual businesses and organizations translating into volume discounts for your business. Whether your organization is a small business, non-profit or Association, Business AdvantEdge is the right choice as your business purchasing consolidator to help you lower your overhead. We offer savings on these important services/products:

Staples and Office Depot have reached an agreement to merge

Last year, Office Depot and OfficeMax did successfully merge, but are still in the process of combining retail stores, websites, inventory and processes – hoped to be completed sometime after Q2 2015. This new Staples – Office Depot proposal has several hurdles with the SEC and others before it becomes a reality. Go to our Blog to read the Press Release and letter from Steve Calkins, Office Depot’s Executive Vice President, Business Solutions Division to learn what this means to Business AdvantEdge members and customers.
Staples acquisition of Office Depot.

ADP HR Solutions

Smart Ways to Save Money While Retaining Your Top People

The good news for small businesses is that early 2015 economic reports indicate stronger demand for their goods and services.

However, with hiring also on the rise, it is becoming more difficult for small businesses to attract or keep top employees who may be lured away by higher salaries and better benefits.

With cash flow management being a critical factor to success, small business owners require creative ways to attract and retain the best people and save money.

In this 1-hour presentation, you will learn how businesses like yours can use affordable retirement plans, health benefits and other payment programs to help you staff top people and improve cash flow.

Complimentary Webcast

Tuesday February 24th @ 2pm ET

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ADP HR Newslette

Winter 2014 HR Newsletter & Compliance Calendar

In this issue, find out what HR advice you should avoid, the EEOC's position on LGBT discrimination, and recent Supreme Court decisions that may impact your business.

HR Advice to Make You Think Twice

With so many complex workplace policies, small businesses may find themselves leaning on outside sources for help. But, how do you know if the information is accurate? In this article, we discuss HR "advice" you ought to think about twice. Read more

EEOC, LGBT and HR -- What You Need to Know

Recently, the EEOC has seen a rise in complaints filed on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals. In this article, we discuss LGBT protections and how the EEOC plans to address the issue. Read more

Key Court Decisions: What You Need to Know

This year, both the U.S. Supreme Court and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided a number of cases that affect employers. Find out how these decisions may impact you and what you should look out for in 2015. Read more

In Case You Missed It: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Exempt Employees

Do you have employees who are exempt from minimum wage and overtime? Are you paying them properly? Read this popular Tip of the Week to find out common mistakes to avoid when paying exempt employees.Read more

Winter 2015 HR Compliance Calendar

The HR Compliance Calendar includes summaries of compliance requirements that took effect recently or will take effect over the next few months. These changes may require new or updated policies. Read more

ADP Tip of the Week

9 Policies & Procedures that Can Land You in Hot Water

Before implementing any policy or procedure, it is important to ensure that it complies with federal, state, and local laws. In this Tip, we cover 9 policies and procedures that may run afoul of these laws and provide acceptable alternatives where applicable.

ADP e-Newsletter

We are pleased to provide you with the current issue of the ADP Franchises & Affiliations newsletter, a publication designed to provide you with insightful content and news to help you with your practice and your clients. In this issue you'll find regulatory and legislative updates, payroll and tax information and helpful HR information.

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Insurance Agency Inc.

This Issue: Controlling Workers Comp Costs

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How will your Trade Association or Professional Business Organization benefit?

Franchise Groups as well as Trade and Professional Associations know the value of offering a variety of attractive member benefits ranging from accredited continuing education to volume discounts. With our Association Consolidator Purchasing Program, your business organization and members will enjoy volume discounts plusmany other benefits.

SMB & Non-profits

Individual Small-to-Medium (SMB) companies as well as smaller non-profits typically don’t have enough purchasing volume to negotiate proprietary pricing and discounts alone – but with Business AdvantEdge, they do! Join the hundreds of thousands of small businesses and organizations that are already have access to this terrific program of volume discounts.

Business AdvantEdge wins IFAI Showstoppers Award for Best Service to a Manufacturer!

Winner Best New Product

October, 2014 Wisconsin based Business AdvantEdge, Inc., is honored to have been chosen for the IFAI Showstoppers Award for ‘Best Service to a Manufacturer’ at the recent Industrial Fabric Association International (IFAI) conference and tradeshow in Minneapolis, MN. IFAI is headquartered in Roseville (St. Paul), MN and has members in several countries who manufacture industrial fabrics used in thousands of applications and industries. BA partnered with Grainger to develop the award winner promotions and member benefit program that has saved IFAI members hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone! In addition, Grainger offers IFAI members innovative solutions to their fabric applications. Read more

Office Depot was named one of Women's Enterprise (WE) USA Magazine's "2014 100 Corporations of the Year."

Additionally, Shari Francis, HUB (Historically Underutilized Business) Merchandising Manager for Office Depot, has been named one of "American's Top 100 Leaders in Corporate Supplier Diversity" by WE US, and a "2014 Top 25 Women in Power Impacting Diversity" by DiversityPlus Magazine. Office Depot, Inc. ranks #79 on Forbes "2014 America's Most Reputable Companies" list.

UPS Rises on List of 2014
Most Valuable Global Brands

UPS Pressroom Press Releases Media Kits About UPS Media Center

Brand Finance has named UPS (NYSE: UPS) to its Brandirectory list of 500 most valuable global brands in 2014.

Vendors & Service Providers

Business AdvantEdge and its partners hold Affinity Benefit Program contracts with international, national, as well as regional associations and franchises giving us access to over a million SMB businesses and non-profits. Because of the aggregate size sheer critical mass and targeted affinity loyalty marketing, we are able to source products at the lowest possible prices.If you are interested in learning more about becoming a vendor, please visit the Become A Vendor section.

Office Depot and OfficeMax Merge

Office Depot and OfficeMax Merge

Best-in-Class Experience.
New Exciting Future!

Office Depot and OfficeMax have merged! Both Office Depot and OfficeMax will continue to give you what you love most about our brands. And together, we can ensure that the best of both companies work harder for you. As your partner, our relationship does not change and your day-to-day service will not be disrupted. We’ll stay focused on your business, so you can get excited about what's to come.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Health Care Reform?

The Affordable Care Act is complex legislation, filled with provisions, deadlines and compliance requirements. How ACA will impact your business will depend upon the size of your workforce and other factors, but it's clear that businesses will need to take some action.

View Recording: Health Care Reform: Strategies to Help Control Costs, Mitigate Risk, & Decrease Penalties

In an effort to identify strategies to help control costs and mitigate risk, we invite you to view the ADP webcast, Health Care Reform: Strategies to Help Control Costs, Mitigate Risk, & Decrease Penalties, which focuses on the known and anticipated requirements and important dates relating to:

  • Employer Notice of Exchanges (including an overview of the establishment of Healthcare Exchanges and related employer responsibilities)
  • Employer Shared Responsibility (‘play or pay’ requirements, alternatives and risks)
  • Automatic Enrollment and Non-Discrimination Testing for Insured Plans
  • Excise Tax on High-Cost Health Coverage (including its possible impact on employer-sponsored plans today)

New, lower print/copy rates from Office Depot!

print/copy rates

Printing, copying and finishing services never looked so good or cost so little! Color copies are now only 29¢,black & white copies are only 3¢, and finishing services are 25% off for members. At these rates, it is cheaper to print at Office Depot than in-house! Learn more