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About Business AdvantEdge?

Who Is Business AdvantEdge?

Originally formed in 1999. Business AdvantEdge, was created to serve trade associations and their members as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  The concept was to aggregate purchases from thousands of individual SMB businesses, primarily through trade associations and their members. In that way, no single Association was responsible for meeting onerous supplier revenue thresholds!  Today, Business AdvantEdge, along with its industry partners, serves hundreds or thousands of SMB entities allowing us to greatly expand our affinity programs in scope and variety. Fortune 500 suppliers and other key business service providers recognize that the GPO model allows them cost effective access to a broad base of small-to-medium customers, translating into volume discounts and other valuable benefits for members!  Here are some of the discount programs we offer:

  • office supplies, furniture and technology equipment
  • payroll processing, workers comp and other HR services
  • credit card merchant and other financial services
  • telecom including mobile, broadband, ManagedIP, tele-conferencing and web-conferencing
  • fleet fuel and other energy savings programs for home and office
  • shipping and freight
  • printing, copying and promotional services such as logo wear and corporate gifts
  • industrial and commercial supplies such as paint, flooring, Uniforms, and commercial lines and cleaning products
  • waste management, recycling
  • truck and equipment rentals

Associations & Co-ops Franchises & Consortia
How will your Association, Consortia, CO-OP or Franchise benefit?

Franchise Groups as well as Trade and Professional Associations know the value of offering a variety of attractive member benefits ranging from accredited continuing education to volume discounts. With our Association Consolidator Purchasing Program, your business organization enjoys the following benefits:

  • Both your HQ and members qualify for discounts.
  • Enriching your affinity benefit program helps build your membership base by increasing member recruitment and retention.
  • The benefits outweigh the costs! This program is very affordable and your organization may qualify for royalties or other supplemental income.

Please contact us for a complete list of offerings and proposal at 888-734-EDGE (3343) or email Business AdvantEdge for details and visit the Member Associations page for a sample list of participating Associations.

SMB & Non-profits

Individual Small-to-Medium (SMB) companies as well as smaller non-profits typically don’t have enough purchasing volume to negotiate proprietary pricing and discounts alone – but with Business AdvantEdge, they do! Join the hundreds of thousands of small businesses and organizations that are already have access to this terrific program of discounts and value added. Click on Member Benefits for more details. Please visit Become A Member for Business AdvantEdge membership sign up details. Questions? Call 888-734-EDGE or email Business AdvantEdge.

Vendors & Service Providers

Thank you for your interest in our national Affinity Benefit Program. Business AdvantEdge and its partners hold Affinity contracts with international, national, as well as regional associations and franchises giving us access to over a million SMB businesses and non-profits. Because of the combined size, we are able to source products at the lowest possible prices and pass the savings along to members, franchisees and licensees in these key verticals:

  • service professionals such as travel, hospitality, finance, mortgage, real estate, insurance
  • building, remodeling and related trades
  • medical and dental
  • manufacturing and retail
  • farming and horticulture, landscaping
  • auto and other transportation industries
  • cable and satellite television distributors

Vendors who are best suited to working with our multi-group affinity program model generally have several of the following:

  • national or large regional product or service offering
  • a dedicated National Account Department with marketing budget autonomy
  • the ability to track sales through stacked verticals (i.e., grandparent, parent, child linked accounts)
  • support staff for training, i.e., conferences and tradeshows
  • customer service staff
  • sales call center
  • IT staff, ability to create landing pages and shopping sites

There is a Request For Proposal (RFP) linked below which we ask that interested vendors complete and send in. The RFP will walk you through our program requirements and will also give you valuable information about how our multi-group affinity program model functions. Questions? Call 888-734-EDGE or 651-304-1155 or email Business AdvantEdge.